U.S.-Spec 2016 Ford Focus RS Revealed, Still Looks Nasty

When Ford pulled the drape off the Ford Focus RS earlier this year, it was clear the Blue Oval meant business. All-wheel drive? Check. 300-plus horsepower turbo four-cylinder? Check. Torque vectoring? Check. Although Ford insisted the new Focus RS would be a true “world car,” many of us secretly feared that the U.S.-spec Focus RS might lose a little gusto in translation. As it turns out, our worries were unfounded. Ford has confirmed that when the 2016 Focus RS hits stateside dealerships in the spring of 2016, its powertain, performance, and styling will be virtually unchanged from the car that debuted earlier overseas. As proof, the maker offered up these images of the U.S-spec car ahead of its official debut. Aside from the wheels and U.S.-spec lamps, it’s a near doppelgänger of its European cousin. We’ll have all the latest details and specs of the 2016 Ford Focus RS when it makes its American in-the-metal debut next week at the New York auto show.

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