What to Expect with the 2017 Ford Heavy Duty Trucks?

Reviews and test drive reports from various writers have started to define what to expect from the 2017 Ford Truck lineup.

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40 Year Anniversary of the Dodge Aspen

The Dodge Aspen, or the Dodge Aspen coupe was a popular compact by Chrysler Corporation in the mid to late 1970s. When the Aspen and its twin the Plymouth Volare were introduced they were described as intermediate vehicles, or what we now refer to as compact cars.

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New Midsize SUV from Volkswagen to be Produced in Chattanooga

Volkswagen has announced that production of a new Midsize SUV will take place in their Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, bringing an additional 2,000 jobs to the region.  The manufacturer will be investing an estimated $600 million and expanding the existing facility by 538,000 square feet to get ready for the upcoming CrossBlue Concept-based vehicle.

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Pagani Huayra Tempesta Package Costs A Whopping R2.8 Million

Some of you would have been following the development of the Pagani Huayra hypercar and for those who have, you will know they now offer a premium add-on package called ‘Tempesta’. The initial pricing is set at $181,000 (R2.8 million) and what the package adds to the car is a range of aerodynamic improvements and a few mods to the chassis.

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