Horsepower and its Influence on Performance

Most of us associate horsepower with a truck or car but you will see it specified today on most anything with an internal combustion engine-even lawnmowers have stickers stating their horsepower.

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All About Airbags

Some people were worried that they would be “trapped” in their vehicles when accidents occurred when car manufacturers began putting seatbelt contraptions in vehicles in the 1950s.

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Mid-Engine Corvette is Coming Because Too Many Old People Buy Corvettes

Another month, another rumor pertaining to the mid-engine Corvette. According to The Detroit News, multiple sources have confirmed that the long-gestured Corvette Zora will be debuting in early 2018 and hitting the market in early 2019. Interestingly enough, one of these unnamed sources stated that current plans have the mid-engine Corvette—currently codenamed “Emperor”—becoming the only style available after the C7 Z06 and Grand Sport are phased out after 2021.

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