New Midsize SUV from Volkswagen to be Produced in Chattanooga

Volkswagen has announced that production of a new Midsize SUV will take place in their Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, bringing an additional 2,000 jobs to the region.  The manufacturer will be investing an estimated $600 million and expanding the existing facility by 538,000 square feet to get ready for the upcoming CrossBlue Concept-based vehicle.

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Dodge has built a 4WD Challenger

For this year’s SEMA show, Dodge is adding a little spice to the age-old V8 muscle car recipe: four-wheel-drive.

That’s right, a muscle car with 450bhp that splits power between all four tyres. Why? To make the car more usable year-round and improve performance. But, more than that, it’s a very public litmus test by Mopar to see if you guys like the idea.

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2015 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe 50th Anniversary

Though this isn’t the first continuation Daytona (Superformance already offers a licensed replica), Shelby’s is arguably the most authentic to date. The 50th anniversary Daytona Coupe is actually more than just a replica, sporting modern disc brakes and a stronger frame, and including an aluminum body option, a first for continuation cars.

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HKS’s Legendary 7-Second GT-R

When HKS moved into its massive new factory site towards the end of the ’80s, it didn’t abandon the old buildings that up until that time had served as the company’s main HQ. To this day the old site continues to be operational, offering space for the numerous top secret R&D projects that the tuning giant is continually involved in.

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Is The Honda CBR 500 A Good Beginner’s Bike?

Hondas are very popular motorcycles for beginners. Many riders start out on Honda CBR250s, Ninja 250s, or Ninja350s. They’re small and light, and easy to handle. They’re a bit underpowered for their size, and no one will mistake them for highway cruisers. Once a rider hits around 200 pounds on the scale and 6 foot on the tape, those bikes begin to look like Vespas between their legs. Many riders looking for an entry level bike that they won’t grow out of in a few years are choosing the Honda CBR 500R instead.

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The 2016 McLaren 570S is the Most Attainable and Useable McLaren to date

McLaren’s first ever Sports Series Model for 2016 is already creating quite a stir amidst automobile lovers, thanks to its supreme-performance engine and impeccable design. Described as the ‘most attainable and usable McLaren to date’, by Donna Falconer, product manager for the Sports Series, the McLaren 570S encompasses all the qualities of a race car with slightly altered design and other specifications in order to accommodate the everyday driver.

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